SIG Awards

For your development of the innovative Watercooler chat sessions, which are an inspiration to other communities, and for your continued commitment to your Scholarship program, plus your continued strong presence in social media, all of which strengthen your focus on quality and add value for members.
- 2012 Community of Excellence Award
This page lists the awards received by the Technical Editing SIG. Be sure to check out our Volunteer Awards, too. Join STC and become part of our award-winning SIG!

For increasing your membership by offering the innovative watercooler chat sessions, a growing scholarship program, and providing editing resources and leadership, all of which strengthen your focus on quality and add value for members.
- 2013 Community of Excellence Award

Community Achievement Award

Community of Excellence
This award recognizes a SIG, professional or student chapter's outstanding accomplishments in achieving the Society's goals through a wide range of programs and activities. More information(external link)...

For setting clear goals, formulating strategies, and coming up with an execution plan that works through the years-for one of the largest communities in STC!
- 2014 Community of Excellence Award

For your innovative use of watercooler chat sessions, your impressive and useful Web site and Corrigo newsletter, your support of the next generation of technical editors through an active scholarship program, and your efforts to provide extensive networking opportunities at the STC Summit.
- 2011 Community of Distinction Award

Pacesetter Award

For innovations in education and networking for members, generating revenue for STC, and supporting other STC chapters and SIGs.
- 2010 Pacesetter Award

Pacesetter Award 2013

The Pacesetter Award acknowledges a professional or student chapter's contributions to the Society's goals through a single innovative and effective program or activity. More information(external link)...

For broadening its use of MySTC in ways that expand their reach to members, fostering interactive communication, and automating the broadcast of SIG activities to multiple channels—all while promoting the MySTC network.
- 2011 Pacesetter Award

APEX Award

APEX award logo
The annual APEX Awards for Publication Excellence(external link) competition recognizes excellence for writers, editors, publications staff, and business/nonprofit communicators.

MindTouch Most Influential

The MindTouch Leaders of #techcomm and #contentStrategy — 400 Most Influential.

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