The Diane Feldman Technical Editing SIG Scholarship

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The Technical Editing SIG offers two $1400 scholarships. The first scholarship assists students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in Technical Communication (or a related area, such as professional writing or digital media) and the second assists students who are pursuing a graduate degree in Technical Communication (or a related area, such as professional writing or digital media).

Students applying for one of these scholarships are expected to be able to demonstrate their focus on topics related to technical editing through their academic studies, current jobs, special projects, or undergraduate/graduate program. The winners will be announced in the Technical Editing SIG newsletter.

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The Technical Editing SIG Scholarship Committee evaluates applicants’ academic records and potential for contributing to the Technical Editing profession. This is not a need-based scholarship; it is intended to recognize the academic accomplishments of exceptional Technical Communication students. To be eligible for a scholarship, an applicant must be:
  • Enrolled in an undergraduate degree or graduate degree program related to Technical Editing or Technical Communication (students pursuing associate degrees, minors, or certificates are eligible to apply)
  • Pursuing a career as a Technical Editor


Undergraduate applicants must have completed two years of post-secondary education and be enrolled part-time or full-time for the 2015-2016 school year in a degree program related to Technical Editing or Technical Communication. Minors or Certificates in Technical Communication are acceptable for those at schools without dedicated programs.


Graduate applicants must be enrolled part-time or full-time for the 2015-2016 school year in a graduate program related to Technical Editing or Technical Communication.

Deadline for Scholarship Application

The 2015 Scholarship Application is now open.

The deadline for submitting an application is Wednesday, July 1. You can read about previous winners here.

To Apply

Complete the online application and upload the following (merged into one .pdf or .doc file):
  • A short biography that describes your work experience, career goals, and significant achievements (approximately 200 words)
  • A brief description of an interesting project that you were involved in that pertains to Technical Communication or Technical Editing (approximately 750 words)
    A summary describing some recent research that you have completed or plan to complete in the future (approximately 750 words)
  • Resume
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty members, or one from a faculty member and another from a colleague or an STC member
  • An unofficial transcript from the college or university you are attending

Advice for Applicants

  • Please be sure that you show your focus on Technical Editing in your resume, biography, and article.
  • Tailor your resume, biography, and project description or research summary to the scholarship committee; give the judges some context for your experiences, especially as they relate to Technical Editing.
  • Name your attached document as follows: Name_SchAppl_TE_SIG.doc (or .pdf). Similarly, include your name on the header or footer of each page of the attached document.
  • For the project description, the scholarship committee is looking for a description of a project that you have completed, not a copy of the actual project you completed. The same goes for the research summary.
  • For the biography and the project description or research summary, the judges will adjust your score for exceeding the recommended lengths.

Previous Winners

Read about previous scholarship winners.

In Honor of Diane Feldman

The Technical Editing SIG Scholarship is named in honor of a dear friend of the SIG, Diane Feldman. Diane Feldman was an Associate Fellow of STC(external link) and was the manager of the Technical Editing SIG for 7 years. Her exceptional leadership, selfless contributions, and enthusiasm for the SIG and the technical editing profession helped the SIG pull through society changes, managed to successfully re-charter and re-focus the SIG, and ultimately initiated a thriving and growing SIG. She mentored many of the SIG leaders throughout their tenures, leaving a lasting mark on those leaders and their careers.


You can contribute to the Diane Feldman Technical Editing SIG Scholarship fund by making a tax-deductible contribution through the Carolina Chapter of STC(external link). Diane was an integral of both the Technical Editing SIG and the Carolina Chapter.

The full amount of your donation may be tax deductible. See link) for complete information.

Comments or Questions

Please use our contact form to submit your question or comments regarding the Diane Feldman Technical Editing SIG Scholarship.

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