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Corrigo Newsletter Summary, March 2010

Author: - Published At: Mar. 22, 2010 07:42am EDT -
Corrigo Articles
Hello fellow STC Technical Editing SIG Members!

First, here's a quick update on the STC Technical Editing front. The Technical Editing SIG has been extremely active with events, such as watercooler chats and webinars. We hope to provide a summary of the watercooler chats from our next issue onwards. Also, the Technical Editing SIG is conducting a survey to enhance the SIG Website, so it'll be wonderful if you provide your input! Visit the news page link below for the survey.

And, congratulations to Rick Sapir, the winner of the Distinguished SIG Service Award (DSSA), 2009!

Huzzah for Rick Sapir, Our DSSA Winner for 2009!

Author: Vanessa Wilburn, SIG Co-Manager - Published At: Mar. 07, 2010 12:17pm EST -
SIG News
Rick Sapir
Rick Sapir
The Technical Editing SIG is proud to recognize one of its members with the Distinguished SIG Service Award, or DSSA. Started in 2002, this DSSA recognizes exemplary dedication of a member to a SIG and its activities. Three basic criteria are considered in identifying nominees for the DSSA: length of SIG membership, consistency of service over time, and the variety of service.

SIG members: Call to participate in the Body of Knowledge

Author: System Administrator - Published At: Feb. 05, 2010 11:10am EST -
STC News
The Society for Technical Communication invites all SIG members to participate in a project aimed at defining the broad outline of topics most relevant to the practice and teaching of technical communication. A charter document describing the project is linked on the home page of a wiki, link), where you will also find information on how to volunteer to contribute to the project.

Corrigo Newsletter Summary, December 2009

Author: - Published At: Jan. 04, 2010 08:16am EST -
Corrigo Articles
Hello fellow STC Technical Editing SIG Members! Here's a quick roundup of
the news and articles as we wrap up the year.

I (Michelle Corbin, corbinm at have thoroughly enjoyed bringing you Corrigo via the previous blog-based Web site and now our new wiki-based Web site for the past several years, but it is time for me to pass the torch to our new Managing Editor, Anitha Abraham, at Anitha.Abraham at

As you can see, we had only a few articles in our final issue of the year. If you have any ideas for what you'd like to see in the newsletter in 2010, or if you have any inclination to write any type of article for the newsletter in 2010, please contact Anitha!

Find editing jobs — delivered to your browser!

Author: System Administrator - Published At: Dec 04, 2009 09:05am EST -
SIG News
Looking for an editing job? In addition to the SIG's Employment page which provides member-to-member leads (SIG members only) and a collection of syndicated jobs from across the globe, the SIG Toolbar now delivers new job opportunities directly to your browser.

Select Resources > Employment to get a continually updated list of Editing jobs.

SIG Toolbar

Don't have the SIG Toolbar yet? You can install it right now (available for Firefox, IE, and Safari).

Where does only belong?

Author: Michelle Corbin - Published At: Nov. 10, 2009 02:00pm EST -
Corrigo Articles
The Boston Globe publishes a blog called "The Word Blog" where I discovered (via a Twitter post to this blog) an article(external link) about the placement of the word "only" in a sentence. It was fun to see the journalistic view of this grammatical construct (or nit, in the author's words). Where do you fall on where only belongs in a sentence? Is it more than a nit in technical communication?


What is a Technical Editor?

Author: System Administrator - Published At: Oct. 21, 2009 02:15pm EDT -
SIG News
There are many definitions of a technical editor. We have created a wiki page that lists definitions as contributed by members of the profession. Click here to view the definitions and contribute your own definition.

We have also created a wiki page to collect the ways that technical editors provide value in organizations. Click here to view the page and to contribute to it.


Corrigo Newsletter Summary, September 2009

Author: Stc_tesig_ann - Published At: Sep. 17, 2009 04:41pm EDT -
Corrigo Articles
Hello fellow STC Technical Editing SIG Members!

Here's a round up of what's new and exciting on our site ( link)). Please enjoy these (and other more recently published articles) out on our new wiki-based Web site! Even our newsletter has evolved alongside of this new Web site, and is implemented as an all-online newsletter now.

If you have any comments or questions about this newsletter, please contact our Managing Editor, Michelle Corbin, at corbinm at

STC's Notebook

Author: System Administrator - Published At: Aug. 05, 2009 10:00am EDT -
STC News
The Society for Technical Communication welcomes you to its newest publication: STC's Notebook(external link). This blog will house relevant information for STC members and those interested in technical communication. New stories and articles will be added frequently and the blog will grow and change to meet the Society's needs. The blog will replace News & Notes, but all of the articles historically captured in the newsletter will now be posted in a timelier manner to ensure up-to-date information delivery. STC's Notebook will function as a consistent stream of information about and for the Society. Please feel free to comment on posts and participate in this social media platform. Visit STC's Notebook for upcoming articles and posts, and be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed to receive notices of new blog postings: link).

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